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Upcoming – TCBN’s Cyber Security Reception





We are hosting an in-person Cyber Security reception, to both welcome our new Company Members to the network and provide an opportunity for anyone to connect with our membership.

As well as an opportunity to network, there will also be a presentation from Dino Boukouris, Managing Director, Momentum Cyber on ‘Cyber Security funding and M&A activity: Recent trends & predictions.’


Dino Boukouris is a Founding & Managing Director at Momentum Cyber, the premier strategic advisor to the cybersecurity industry. Boukouris has spent over 16 years in the technology industry with expertise in cybersecurity, finance, strategy, operations, venture capital and medical devices. Boukouris has been a speaker at cyber conferences internationally, including RSA Conference, Cybertech Tel Aviv, Structure Security, Global Cyberspace Coop Summit, as well as at numerous other events. His presentation will take a deep dive into the capital funding needed for cyber organisations to grow in our current market, as well as providing a key investor perspective on how organisations can navigate funding, mergers & acquisitions.


Following this presentation, there will be then an opportunity to meet the TCBN team, members and partners with drinks and nibbles provided.


We look forward to welcoming you on the 19th July, 5.30pm – 8pm, at the Political Intelligence offices, 69 Wilson Street, London, EC2A 2BB.


Please RSVP to Providing your name(s), your organisation, job title(s) & Email(s)





Transatlantic Cyber Security Business Network hosts thought leadership event on the case for a cybersecurity buyer’s charter


The Transatlantic Cyber Security Business Network (TCBN) was pleased to host its first thought leadership discussion of 2022 on March 29th. The online event welcomed around 50 individuals and businesses, interested to hear from a panel of industry experts.


Chaired by Joe Hubback, Managing Director EMEA, Istari and author of the 2020 report Cybersecurity- the new “market for lemons,” the discussion addressed cyber security technology efficacy and whether there was a case for a cybersecurity buyer’s charter. The panel was comprised of industry experts Bob Lewis, Head of Cyber Risk, Lloyds Banking Group, John Smith, CTO EMEA, Veracode, and Professor Ciaran Martin, Former CEO of the NCSC.


The event opened with an overview of the report which had found that 90% of people interviewed agreed that cybersecurity technology was not as effective as it should be, while 92% agreed that an information asymmetry between buyer and seller was contributing to the breakdown in the cyber market. Panellists sparked an interesting discussion on the matter and welcomed attendee input throughout.


Attendees were engaged and asked questions about the scope of the proposed charter and the benefits it could produce for both buyers and suppliers of cybersecurity technology. They were also interested to discuss some of the practical challenges that would be involved in achieving genuinely transparent and authoritative assessments of the efficacy of cyber solutions across the full range of cyber technologies. Attendees were particularly interested to consider ways in which the independence of future cyber efficacy assessments could be assured. Some were keen to understand how interested parties among the buyer and seller communities could become involved in further discussions around the planning, development and implementation of a cyber buyer’s charter.


TCBN would like to thank all of the attendees and panellists for producing such a highly engaging discussion. A special thank you to TCBN Council Member Garrison for funding the “market for lemons” report and using this thought leadership event to continue the important conversation around a cybersecurity buyers charter.


if you are interested in this topic then please reach out to


Transatlantic Cyber Security Business Network welcomes special guests to Parliamentary reception


TCBN was delighted to welcome over fifty UK and US industry members, Parliamentarians, Government officials and special guests from the US Embassy to the Cyber Leaders Reception on Thursday 21st October in the House of Commons.


Hosted by House of Lords Science and Technology Committee member Lord Holmes of Richmond, the event offered an exclusive opportunity to meet with industry members and key stakeholders to discuss the latest developments in cybersecurity and gain strategic insights on the transatlantic cyber relationship.


TCBN Founder Andy Williams set out the purpose of the network as facilitating transatlantic dialogue and promoting the interests of the cybersecurity sector by engaging with relevant officials and holding topical thought leadership events. Andy was joined by founding partners Nick Lansman of Political Intelligence and Brandon Hucq of Plexal.


Attendees heard from US Special Liaison Officer Ms Sheila Thomas on the importance of Government and the private sector working together to build a strong resilient response to the growing cyber threat. A drinks and canapés reception followed the speeches and offered attendees an exciting opportunity to engage in face to face networking with industry peers and special guests.


Following the event, TCBN was excited to welcome on board further council members to the growing number of cybersecurity companies who will shape the strategic direction of the network and gain exclusive access to future events.


If you are interested in becoming a TCBN member please contact

Transatlantic Cyber Security Business Network hosts UK/US Government and Industry discussion on supply chain cyber risk


Following on from their successful launch event in May, The Transatlantic Cyber Security Business Network (TCBN) was delighted to host its second thought leadership discussion on 1st July 2021.  


The discussion addressed the highly topical issue of supply chain cyber risk and saw around 50 individuals and businesses attend the virtual event, excited to hear from a panel of renowned subject matter experts.  


Chaired by Keith Driver, CTO Cyber at Raytheon UK, the panel was comprised of industry experts from both sides of the Atlantic and included Haydn Brooks, CEO of Risk Ledger, and Ben Dickinson, Managing Director of 3VRM. The Panel was completed by Jon Boyens, Deputy Chief of the Computer Security Division at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and Irfan Hemani, Deputy Director for Cyber Security at the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) who brought their knowledge and experience of supporting the US and UK Governments respectively. 


Setting the scene for the discussion, speakers outlined the global nature of supply chains and the need for an international effort to reduce supply chain cyber risk.  


A captivating discussion was held around the different methods undertaken by Government on both sides of the Atlantic to secure their supply chains. Attendees were interested to hear how although they shared the same goal, Governments had approached the problem differently, with the US introducing frameworks for what ‘good’ looked like and the UK Government mandating for cyber essentials but taking a less prescriptive approach towards standards. 


Asked what steps they would take to improve supply chain cyber risk, panellists put forward a number of suggestions including showing the value of current solutions against risk, eliminating as much of the risk at the source as possible, driving cyber uptake in educational institutes and placing increased responsibility on managed service providers.  


Attendees were engaged throughout the event and submitted a wide range of questions on topics including the role and guidance of the NCSC and protecting data across the supply chain.  


TCBN membership is open! Make sure you join today to be the first to hear about our upcoming events, collaboration and networking opportunities and stakeholder engagement. 

Political Intelligence, Global Transatlantic and Plexal successfully launch the Transatlantic Cyber Business Network



A new initiative in the cyber security space was launched by Political Intelligence, Global Transatlantic and Plexal to bring together business in the space from both sides of the Atlantic.


The launch of the Transatlantic Cyber Business Network (TCBN) saw over 60 different companies attend the event on 13th May 2021, excited to hear how industry and Government could work together to combat the growing cyber threat.


Chaired by Maggie Titmuss, Director of Intelligence and Incident Response at Lloyds Banking Group and former Regional Head for North America at the UK National Crime Agency, the panel was comprised of industry experts from both sides of the Atlantic and included CEO of Digital Shadows Alastair Paterson and Shawn Henry, Director of the Global Cyber Alliance. The Panel was completed by Chairman of BlueVoyant Robert Hannigan, and Cyber Robot Director Sean Plankey who brought their knowledge and experience of supporting the UK and US Governments on cyber policy, respectively.


There was a lively opening discussion on protecting businesses and infrastructure from the increasing number of cyber-attacks around the world. The recent cyber-attack on the US pipelines was highlighted as an example, with panellists explaining the need to strengthen supply chains and address basic cyber security. This was said to be a common cause of attacks, and panellists were united in their call for further education and resources, as well as more public and private sector collaboration to combat the threat.


An exciting discussion was held on the sharing of information vs intelligence, particularly the difficulty doing so between the public sector and Government. One panellist praised the UK’s efforts and highlighted the initiative whereby the Government certifies incident responders, so that businesses and individuals feel confident in who to trust in the event of a cyber-attack. Attendees were engaged throughout the event and submitted a wide range of questions on topics including how to improve intelligence sharing, ransomware payments and basic cyber hygiene.


TCBN membership is now open! Make sure you join today to be the first to hear about our upcoming events, collaboration and networking opportunities and stakeholder engagement.