About Us
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About Us

About Us

The UK and the US enjoy the longest-standing cyber security relationship of any two nations and support the two largest markets for cyber security solutions in the world.

The Transatlantic Cyber Security Business Network is a coalition of UK and US cyber security companies and stakeholders which is committed to:

Building Relationships

Facilitating transatlantic dialogue, collaboration and networking between cyber security  sector stakeholders to help address critical cyber security challenges

Supporting Innovation

Supporting the development and commercialisation of new and innovative cyber security solutions

Promoting Cybersecurity

Promoting the wider interests of cyber security groups and communities on both sides of the Atlantic

The Translatlantic Cyber Security Business Network was founded by:


Global Transatlantic: a specialist management consultancy practice that helps cyber business leaders understand and engage in the transatlantic cyber security market.


Plexal: an innovation centre and coworking space that specialises in building collaborative communities. Its innovation team are leaders in building expansive ecosystems across government, industry, academia, investors, and SMBs to tackle some of the biggest challenges facing society and the economy. Since 2018, Plexal has played a central role in the delivery of the UK’s National Cyber Security Strategy through its leadership of LORCA, Europe’s largest cyber innovation programme.


Political Intelligence: a leading strategic communications consultancy in the technology sector. In addition to providing government relations and media support to help clients achieve their business objectives, it also manages well established industry bodies such as The Internet Service Providers Association, The HealthTech Alliance, Comms Council UK and Insurtech UK.